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Assembly, Test,Certificate ceremony

Dear HMK members,

Once a month, we have a HMK Assembly on the rank test day. The test is not only for the applicants but also it is an assembly for all members to share their warm hearts and nice swords together. Please come and help the applicants as a senior or get help from others to cultivate your mind.

Especially, this Friday, Dec. 16, we are going to have a Dan certificate giving ceremony for rececnt promoted dan holders as below.

The test begins at 8pm. It's a test and joint practice with all HMK members.

After that, Dan certificate ceremony and party.

1st Dan : Edward Cho, Ted Yoo,

2nd Dan : Sarah Chung

4th Dan : Gene Jeung

Let's congratulate them again!

If you want to share some foods to celebrate the moment, that would be great!

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