Hong Moo Kwan [HMK] Kumdo Academy provides a specialized place to practice kumdo. This is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable sport. Kumdo gives a variety of benefits to many different people. Most importantly the practice of kumdo not only increases the welfare of the individual but also to society.

HMK is a Kumdo specialized facility. We teach no other martial arts. HMK has a comfortable and safe training area. There is high quality hardwood floor. The space has high ceilings and air conditioning system for the kumdo practitioner. Also, there are men and women locker rooms and restrooms.

HMK has armor(bogu) storage shelves for our members’ convenience.  HMK has lots of free parking spaces in a clean and safe neighborhood.

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HMK was founded in 1997. Since then it has grown to be a home for some of the strongest and well-known kendo practitioners, as well as the place that caters to the growth potential of many high potential beginners.


Our members range from children, teenagers, college students, married couples, to elderly that wish to partake in a physically and mentally challenging yet enriching sport. The HMK has a safe practice area with special wood floors specialized for kendo.


Master Albrand Jo

Kum (The Sword) ensures prosperity and Do (Doctrine) unites people in many blessings.

Through Kumdo, I can look within and improve myself which has led me to better interaction with others and a more fulfilling life. Kumdo is one of the greater martial arts because it is not based on self-defense and it is geared toward the development of the human character. One can practice it for one's entire life. You are able to practice with people of all ages and enjoy class when you are in your 70s, 80s, and beyond.

The purpose of kumdo is not to harm or win: it is to mold the mind and body, cultivate one's spirit and share what one has learned with others by penetrating through the gap of the opponent’s spirit. Both the striker and the receiver should be able to exchange smiles after the match.

Kumdo is a gathering of diverse individuals and uniting through the swords. You can learn from both elderly and the young and build integrity through mutual experiences. It is my desire to share kumdo with more people. 

To me, Kumdo is far from a simple sport. It is unrelenting in providing new challenges and opportunities for me to learn and grow from. Thus, practicing Kumdo has provided me with a level of goodness and tranquility in my life. 

Head Master of HMK, Professor at University of Bridgeport [7th DAN]

Master Francis M. Lee

I crossed paths with Kumdo when I was only a child, and I am now well passed my sixties. Kumdo has influenced my life more than I realize, especially as a medical professional. I thank God for this.

Kumdo (the way-of-sword) does not equate to the technique-of-sword. Skill, power, and speed are only elements emphasized by the techniques. The way-of-sword, on the other hand, accentuates the understanding of how to use a sword, understanding of an opponent's thoughts, and the inner-strength to overpower the opponent's will. Learning to use a sword without improving yourself from inside cannot be called Kumdo (the way-of-sword). Winning on a tournament should only part of the accomplishments by which a true Kumdoist is measured. The main goal of a Kumdoist should be to improve oneself from inside.

Kumdo provides me a great physical work-out. It helps me sweat and go all out in a short burst of energy. This has been great for relieving stress from my daily life. It also provides me inner peace and generates a boost of energy. Kumdo also puts my life's problems into perspective and calms me down.

Looking back in my life, Kumdo has been my intangible possession.

Senior Master of HMK, M.D. [7th DAN]

Master Tsugio Imai

When I was young, I played judo. After I grew up, I never had a chance to retry judo because of my busy life.  I was also afraid of any injuries from practicing judo which could cause a slower recovery  compared to when I was young. That's why I have been hesitating to continue judo.

After my life got settled down, I was looking for a healthy and enjoyable sport. That was kendo to me.

Kendo is a life-long martial art for everyone. Anybody can start it anytime and it is not as risky as it seems.

Now, I am in my mid 60's. I really appreciate that I can enjoy kendo whenever I have the time. I own a company and I have many business trips that prevent me from practicing kendo more often, but whenever I come back home, I go to HMK first. Doing kendo refreshes my mind and body, while relieving all stress from the business. HMK is the charging station in the vitality of my life!  

[4th DAN]

Master Cindy H. Jeon

I injured my lower back in my twenties. I don't recall the specific cause of my injury, but I do remember that during the physical therapy, someone had recommended Kumdo. At first, I was a bit skeptical as to how shuffling my feet will help me with my problem, but I was drawn to its mystical beauty.

So, I began my training. Needless to say, Kumdo fixed my lower-back and more importantly, it prevented future injuries. Often my arms would be covered in bruises from the miss-hits from practice, but they constantly reminded me that I was alive as they disappeared under my new skin. Sometimes, I feel powerless when my mind and my body fail to become one, so I become wildly proud when they do sync. These moments prove to me that nothing is impossible with hard work and strong determination.

After more than 25 years of training, I have achieved 5th Dan, but obtaining higher ranks is not my ultimate goal—instead, I wish to continuously strive for improvement.

No words can describe the pure joy I feel after a hard session of training. Through the special bond I share with my fellow peers and Masters, I find that I am a member of a very special community based on mutual respect regardless of age, gender, or skills. The fact that I can continue to practice Kumdo together with other generations for years to come is certainly an exhilarating thought.

[5th DAN]

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