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We got more medals from the tournament!

Wow, our members did great job!

Looks like you had a exciting times!

Great job and congratulations everyone!

Below is the tournament results. Keep going!

Team Division;

Yoodanja 2nd Place :

Zayd Baye-Ellison, Sunkyu Choi, Jonghwan Lee, Sam Ralosky, Tyrone Bentley

Women 1st Place: Theresa Jo, Katelyn Jo, Cindy Jo

Moodanja 2nd Place :

Damian Planas, Alfonci Kikuchi, Darius Scarder, Manuel Castro, Jorge Barreto

Children B(Gr. 3~4) 1st Place : Gio Lee, John Kil, Sebastian Flores

Individual Division;

1st & 2nd Dan 1st Place : Jonghwan Lee / 3rd Place : Hyongsok Kim

3rd Dan & Up 3rd Place: Zayd Baye-Ellison

Women (Age 16 & Up) 3rd Place: Theresa Jo

Soon-Nyun (Age 60 & Up) 1st Place: Tyrone Bentley

Moodanja 3rd Place : Anthony Santiago

Youth B (Age 16~18) 3rd Place : Jonah Kim

Youth A(Age 13~15) 3rd Place : Jun Jin

Children B(Gr. 3~4) 1st Place : Glo Lee / 2nd Place : John Kil

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