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Fall Tournament Results

We had a great and exciting moments last Saturday. Everybody did a good job!

I think our members learned something from the matches to improve more.

Below is the results. Congratulations on your victory!

2023 The 27th Fall Eastern US Kumdo Championships in Lansdale, PA (Nov. 18)

Team Division;

Yoodanja 2nd Place HMK A:

Anthony Santiago, Hyong Sok Kim, Jonghwan Lee, Sam Ralosky, Tyrone Bentley

Moodanja 1st Place HMK:

Alfonci Kikuchi, Nicholas Barreto, Cameron Faison,

Individual Division;

Soon-Nyun (Age 60 & Up) 1st Place: Tyrone Bentley

Yoodanja 2nd Place: Anthony Santiago

3rd Place : Damian Planas

Moodanja 1st Place : Cameron Faison

2nd Place : Jorge Barreto

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