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Dec. rank test

2017 December Rank Evaluation The applicants who can take the evaluation test. *The test day is on December 22, 2017 at 8:00pm to 9:00pm. + The test time is not only for the applicants but it is also pre-test for next your test and it’s a joint practice for all classes together. So please join the exciting moment! + The day is an assembly day for honor members who are rank 3rd keup and above members. Help and enjoy together! **The test day has no regular class, but we have 6:30pm make up class. ***Please remember the test is on every 3rd Friday of the month(but sometimes it may be changed)!!! ****Please take an application and write an essay. 9K: SOYEON KWON, IAN NORONA, DAVID OH, ALEX KIM 8K: JAYDEN LEE, MICHAEL LEE, 7K: ERIC HWANG, JOOHEE KIM, FRANCIS KIM, JOSHUA NORONA 6K: JOSEPH RUIZ, FATMAH HUSSEIN, MARCELLO CHI 5K: MATTHEW RO *The list shows that you have an enough attendance to take this chance. You should know your test range and the essay titles of the curriculum and you should able to do it properly. But if you are not ready yet, practice more for next evaluation. You should not avoid and put off the chance. Sharpen your sword! *If you think your name is missed on the list, ask about it in the office. 

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Due to the extreme weather forecast, today and tomorrow, Dec. 23 & 24, classes are canceled. Stay home safely!

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