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Oct. Rank Test

2016 OCTOBER Rank Evaluation The applicants who can take the evaluation test. *The test day is on October 21, 2016 at 8:00pm to 9:00pm. +...

Open on the Columbus day

HMK is open on the Columbus Day, October 10, Monday. Enjoy the class!

Fall tournament 

2016 fall tournament will be on Sunday, November 13 at Fort Lee High school gym Let's sharpen the sword!

No class on Labor Day

The Labor day, Sep. 5, Monday, HMK has no classes. Enjoy the holiday!

New class schedule

From Sep. 1, HMK kumdo class schedule has changed. Refer the schedule on dojang's bulletin board.

Result of August Rank test

Below are the passed applicants. 8K : Joshua Ro, Matthew Ro (Skip to 8) Daniel Bae 4K : Jun Jin 3K : Si Jung Oh 1D: Kimball Kim, Song Sul...

Rank test and party

Dear HMK members, We are going to have the periodic rank evaluation on this Friday, Aug. 19, from 8pm to 9pm. After that, recently...

2~4 dan test results 

Below are the results from the 6/18 and 6/26 dan test. 2 dan : Sarah Chung 3 dan : Jason Jung 4 dan : Gene Jeung Congratulations to those...

New Website

Dear HMK Members, We have a new website! There are still some adjustments to make, but I hope you can be flexible with our changes. This...

No Class: July 2nd - July 4th

There will be no class from Saturday July 2nd to Monday July 4th. Classes will resume again on Tuesday, July 5th. Enjoy your break!...

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