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Good job! The photos are uploaded!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hi HMK kumdo Academy members,

Seems like you guys had a good time and you did very good!

Learn from good or bad results from the tournament.

And the tournament photos are uploaded. Enjoy them!

Below is the tournament results!

2022 The 26th Fall Eastern US Kumdo Championships in Englewood, NJ (Nov. 19)

Team Division;

Yoodanja 2nd Place :

Jonghwan Lee, Tyrone Bentley, Sam Ralosky, Hyongsok Kim , Anthony Santiago, Manuel Castro

Youth B(Age 16~18) 3rd Place: Darius Scarder, Hyunjune An, Nicholas Barreto, Jun Jin, Alfonci Kikuchi

Children C(Gr. 5~6) 3rd Place : Gio Lee, Sebastian Flores

Individual Division;

1st & 2nd Dan 1st Place : Jonghwan Lee / 2nd Place : Hyongsok Kim

Soon-Nyun (Age 60 & Up) 1st Place: Tyrone Bentley

Moodanja 2nd Place : Anthony Santiago

Children C(Gr. 5~6) 1st Place : Glo Lee

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