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Best Essay in August & Demo video

I would like to share a best essay from August Test

What are your reasons (motivations and purposes) for starting Kumdo?

By R.H

I joined Kumdo to better myself, to develop discipline, and to hone my mind. I’ve found I have a lot of sources of stress in my life, and Kumdo is a way to cope with anxiety and negative emotions. When I enter the dojang, I leave all my thoughts at the door. While I practice, the only thing I need to think about is Kumdo, my fellow students, and the teachings and lessons my master imparts on me. There is a meditative aspect to slowly practicing the form of a strike or footwork, and these moments are something I look forward to every time I enter the dojang. Practicing Kumdo goes hand in hand with how one should solve problems or improve one’s life. It’s not about swinging the sword as hard or as fast as you can, it is about repeating the same motion, so you get to a certain point where you don’t have to think about the form anymore. You act on impulse, and everything else is second nature. Focusing on the basics to get a strong fundamental understanding is something I have benefitted greatly from. Kumdo has taught me to slow down and remember that technique is more important that speed or power. Seeking betterment of one’s own self is something everyone should strive for, and Kumdo offers a path to that unlike any other I have found. The lessons I learn in the dojang come with me when I leave, and a main goal of mine is to practice these lessons in my everyday life, and maybe impart them on to others as well. An important part of Kumdo is “KI”, meaning inner spirit. I initially found it difficult to show my inner spirit while in practice, but with my improvement in Kumdo, as well as improvement of my mind, my Ki continues to grow, develop, and become unique to me. I believe one’s ki is reflective of their mental state, and one should try, at all times, to continually improve it. Kumdo is not just about the act of fighting; it is about shaping your mind to the ideologies of the “way of the sword.” It is about living your life in a disciplined and conscious way, about self-improvement, and about bringing out the best aspects of yourself. Kumdo has taught me to wor

k on myself, believe in myself, rely on and help others, and to not be afraid to show my inner spirit.

Also, enjoy the videos that our HMK members has demonstrated in the August event.

You can watch them on this site, Resources --> Videos.

like below

Enjoy it!

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